I made a record once…

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Just thought I would post this here for easy access in case anyone is interested.

In 2010, after 10 years playing about Perth, my band Petanque released an album -“Songs To Help You Feel Better”.  I worked on this turkey for about 5 years, with the help of many generous friends.

I think it’s actually pretty good all things considered.

If you would like to have a listen, you can download it from mediafire by clicking on the image or link below.




Two more life drawing sessions

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More life drawing from the past few weeks…

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Rooster Police

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A Poultry Distopia
A Poultry Distopia:  An illustration for “The Rooster Police” (my friend Matt “Matchupitchu” Cheetham’s solo music project).  This was to have been an album cover, but I’m not sure what his plans are with it now.  But, it came out okay…

This week’s life drawing

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30 second poses

Getting my life drawing mojo back!

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The Interview

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